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Aluminium Rotational Moulds

Aluminum Rotational Moulds

Aluminum Rotational Moulds are specifically designed by the method of CNC machining, casting or the combination of both the methods. Also, halves of 2 different materials can be attached together to attain a relatively different metal composition like steel and aluminum. No matter which method of production is applied, heat treatment is done to reduce the stress of the moulds mating surfaces. Use of CNC machined moulds is highly suitable when the aluminum block for the milling is flat, high tolerance strength is required or the production time is critical. Owing to their neat design, the Aluminum Rotational Moulds are used in the making of products that require designing details.

Use of aluminum in the making of these moulds assure that the heat is uniformly distributed to the inner surface of the moulds and the input material is evenly heated. Also, the strength and crack resistance of Aluminium Rotational Moulds assure no leakage during the process of moulding and guarantee perfect transformation of the raw material into high quality moulding products.

Features of Aluminium Rotational Moulds:
  • Comparatively low price to other moulds
  • More than 5mm of reach is offered by the edge of this mould
  • Provision for the placement of a variety of inserts
  • Easy attainment of complex shape of the rotational moulding products
  • Can be filled with foam materials to attain insulation from heat
  • No need for the adjustment of mould, instead, the thickness of the products can be adjusted as per requirement.
  • High strength offered by aluminum

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