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3 Arm Rotational Moulding Machinery

3 arm rotational moulding machinery

Three arm rotational moulding machine named because it's three station machines with a fixed turret and oven. The machine is very demanding because of its myriad usage and high volume production. It has also another advantage that is the cost of production is less than other molding machines.

Three arm rotational moulding machine has three independent turntables with a central axis and independent rotation. The three stations work independently and do no affect the location and processing of other arms. The independence of arms create a flexible approach and eventually more production.

We manufacture and supply a world-class range of 3 arm rotational moulding machine, also give the customization facility so that clients can custom build their products according to their need.

Our three arm rotational moulding machines are used to produce different types of plastic products. This also includes technology domains such as aircraft industry and large section industries. The machine is best suited to mold one-piece hollow parts or double-wall open containers. There is another part of this machine, which is used to cut out panel so as to manufacture single-wall open containers and products. The machine helps to minimize wastage, allowing smooth cutting/trimming operation. Most of the time we use polyethylene, though some internal “kiss-off” can be better utilized between the double walls of the hollow part.

Features of 3 Arm Rotational Moulding Machines:
  • The fastest machine in the rotomoulding section.
  • Great flexibility and adaptability to produce a large volume in a shortest period of time.
  • Fast cooking and heating times
  • Big articles up to 6.4 m can easily be produced.

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