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Fix Oven Type Rotational Moulding Machinery

fix oven type rotational moulding machine

Fix oven type rotomoulding machine plays a significant part in the production process of plastic material and thus eases many moulding procedures. We fabricate export quality fix oven type rotomoulding machines which are known for its high performance and easy to use. Our machines are enhanced by continuous maintenance. These geometrically complicated machines are especially used for molding big dimension and hollowed out content.

The size of the chamber of these rotomoulding machines range from 1.5m to 6m, which gives high efficiency for fuel usage and performance. These machines primarily use LPG/Duel/CNG/Oil fuels where the total output extends to 20,000 l. The machine is manufactured with the latest global technology so as to save space with good insulation panels.

Our operations of rotational molding of plastic is simple and we stress on straight forward approach. Indeed, the simplicity of our operation plays the key role in success because it allows the molder to operate with exact dimensions and properties. We incorporate exact amount of plastic in powder, granular or liquid form and shape it into shell-like moulds and products.

Features of our Fix Oven Type Rotomoulding Machines:
  • Economically viable because of a straight-arm which comprises four mould carrying carrier plates
  • Ensuring better working environment by employing the best technology for designing the insulation panels
  • Essential alarms, safety devices with indicators and interlocking installed to the machine controls
  • Digital display provided to the machine control panel which is microprocessor based
  • Designed for space saving chambers with latest heat transfer technology
  • Variable speed a/c motors for speed controls
  • Mould indexing facility
  • PLC on specific request
  • Eco-friendly burners
  • Suitable for CNG/LPG/Duel/OIL fuels

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