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Two Arm Shuttle Rotational Moulding Machinery

The Shuttle Type Rotomoulding Machine is specially fabricated to hold heavy molds & multiple moulds with varied capacities. Provision of heavy mould carrier plate & arms is provided on the both sides rather than one side cantilever type station. This results in sturdy design and comfortable operation. Basically, there are two versions of Shuttle type Rotomoulding Machines such as Moving oven with moving carriage and Fix oven with moving carriage. Also, the oven chambers are installed with burner and blower for efficient heating of the moulds in large volume chambers. The Two Arm Shuttle Machine is PLC controlled and is appreciated for its noise free operations, environment friendliness as well as high speed.

Most shuttle machines are equipped with two arms that move the moulds back & forth between cooling station and heating chamber. Arms can be straight, L shaped or U shaped. These independent arms turn or move the moulds bi-axially. The same arm can undertake two consecutive cycles, while the other is not operational due to being serviced or tested. Each arm has independent time and temperature settings as well as automatically operated. Oven controls come along with the essential interlocking and safety devices. Further, there is a provision for second or third charging manhole on the top side of the oven. Also, there is a micro-processor based control panel with digital display. This state of the art machinery ensure high load capacity as well as takes small floor space. You can make optimal choice for the production of large parts, using different materials and in varied thicknesses.

Functional Features of Two Arms Shuttle Rotational Moulding Machine:
  • Shuttle machines ranging from 1,000 ltr. to 20,000 ltr. capacity
  • Closed-end, efficient oven, noise free circulating fans, and transfer arm frequency control
  • Portable high efficient axial flow cooling fans on the floor level for fast cooling
  • Straight arm of the shuttle machine is able to hold up to 12 moulds with 3 numbers of 4 moulds carriers
  • Major as well as minor axis rotations are well controlled by A/C inverter drive motors
  • Mould positioning & indexing facility

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