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Bi axial Rotational Moulding Machine

Bi axial Rotational Moulding Machinery

Bi axial rotational moulding machines stands for machines with fixed turret and fixed oven. These are multi purpose rotational moulding machinery and are suitable for high volume manufacture. Cost of production is lowest for entire ambit of production. The range of bi-axial rotational moulding machines include Bi-Axial Moving Type (Trigo – 3M), Bi-Axial Moving Type (Speed 90) and Bi-Axial Moving Type (Rapid 4S), 3 Arm Bi-Axial Rotational Moulding Machines. Maintaining same working cycles, these bi axial rotational moulding machines can even operate efficiently with complicated sizes. These bi-axial rotational moulding machines have a sturdy steel structure, less maintenance and highly efficient output.

Moulders all around the world have always applauded the wide swing diameter range of 60 to 240 inches. Huge tanks can be mounted on L Arm and multiple smaller tanks can be mounted on straight arm. This flexibility is actually very useful for catering to varying demand of industry. No doubts, three arm machines are backbone of rotational moulding industry. We can say that our engineers are the masters of the art of making most productive, fuel efficient, user friendly Bi-axial Machines.

The entire series of our bi axial rotational moulding machines find use in applications with requirement of:“process time for each arm should be equal” such as one cooling chamber, one heating chamber and one load/unload area.

Features of our Bi-Axial Rotational Moulding Machines:
  • Variable speed A/C motors are available for major and minor speed controls.
  • Use of latest technologies in designing the insulation panels for better working ambiance.
  • Straight-arm with four mould carrying carrier plates helps to work efficiently.
  • Precisely designed with advanced heat transfer technology which saves energy and Eco-friendly.
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) can be customized as per requirement.
  • Microprocessor based machine control panel configured with digital display.
  • Machine controls are fitted with essential safety devices with interlocking, indicators and alarm.
  • Inbuilt facility for mould positioning and balancing
  • Facilitate with mould indexing.
  • Eco-friendly burners design for CNG/LPG/Oil/Duel fuels.

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