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Multi Arm Turret Machine

Multi Arm Turret Machine

Multi Arm Turret Machine is highly capable of delivering moulding products having unmatched crack resistance, top strength and better environment stress withstanding. This machine finds wide usage in varied industries such as plastic, chemical, fertilizer, pharmaceutical, etc. Multi Arm Turret Machine is fitted with various arms including the offset arm which is suitable for the installation of large mould of product. Also, there are straight arms configured in the Multi Arm Turret Machine to carry small size mould. Having ideal output capacity, this machine can easily transform the material filled in the moulds into rotomoulding products of different design and size.

The machine is equipped with oven with a general diameter of 2.7 m and the overall inner diameter of the machine is about 3 m. Multi Arm Turret Machine has an innovative design that makes them easy to dissemble, transport and install. Advanced technology implementation in the energy efficiency feature of the Multi Arm Turret Machine has made the machine capable of saving around 20% to 30% of the energy during moulding process. Improved functionality of this machine in comparison to the previous versions of roto moulding machines have enhanced the rigidity, physical performance, impenetrability and good insulation to the moulded items. Multi Arm Turret Machine has modern sequential rotation head which ensures homogeneous and smooth products.


Mechanism of the machine focuses on multifunctionality and a defined level of flexibility during the rotation, filling and separation of moulds. Different arms of the machine are well coordinated as well as independent from each other to double the number of task done at each of the level. The way of handling all the moulds and taking them to the right chamber has made Multi Arm Turret Machine highly preferable

Features of Multi Arm Turret Machines:
  • Maximum simplicity and reliability in use
  • Ideal for high Volume production of articles with different sizes and similar cycles of working.
  • Sturdy construction with minimum maintenance
  • Customization possibilities of many cycles
  • 1.6~5 meters standard size turret machine with L shape arm and straight arm
  • Combined cooling station with independent cooling room
  • Charging of cool air

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