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Plastic Extruder Machine

Plastic Extruder Machine

Plastic Extruder Machine is used to create very interlinked cross-sections on brittle materials owing to the shear and compressive stresses. Some of the products which are manufactured by using the machine include pipe/tubing, fencing, weather stripping, deck railings, plastic films and sheeting, window frames, wire insulation, thermoplastic coatings, etc. The first model of extruder machine was developed in the early 19th century for the processing of rubber scraps. In the process of plastics extrusion, high volume raw plastic material is melted and developed to a continuous profile. By the use of pressure and heat, Plastic Extruder Machine outputs products of different shape, design and sizes.

Process of Plastic Extrusion:

In the extrusion process, raw compound plastic material in the form of small beads, commonly named resin in the industry, is fed from a top mounted opening into the barrel of the extruder. Additives like as UV inhibitors and colorants are often used either in either pellet or liquid form. This can be mixed into the resin just before approaching to the hopper. The material enters via an opening near the bottom of the barrel and gets close to the screw. The rotating screw pushes the plastic beads forward into the barrel dedicated for heating.

The required extrusion temperature is seldom equal to the temperature set for the barrel due to the syrupy heating and allied effects. Minimum three or more independent PID controlled zones in the heater slowly increase the temperature of the barrel from the place where the plastic enters to the front. Owing to this, the plastic beads gradually melt gradually as per the level up to which they are pushed through the barrel. This eliminates any possibilities of degradation in the polymers by lowering the risk of overheating.

Features of Plastic Extruder Machine:
  • Recycling by the plastic extruder machine adopts high plasticizing design and special mixing function.
  • By high precise treatment and process zero deformation and long-term use is ensured
  • More smooth and stable material extrusion.
  • It recycling inside cool roller due to built-in spiral flow way to assure roller surface temperature is moderate.

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