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Extruder Machine

extruder machine

We stand tall in the market as leading supplier and manufacturer of plastic extruders(also known as plastic extruder machines and plastic extrusion machines) in India. Our single screw extruder consists of uniquely designed barrels and screws which are used in varied applications with different L/D. We use high quality alloy steel screw and barrel featuring abrasion resistance. Herein, the groove fed barrel is durable and resistant to corrosion. Moreover, it consists of precisely designed heaters which improve its efficiency in molding.

Plastic extruder machines that we offer to clients are available in various models to match the one to one requirement of the clients. The machine is suitable to plasticize and press different types of plastic products like sectional material, pipe, board, film, PE, PP, and others. It has automatic temperature controlling system that lessens the requirement of monitoring. With high screw rotation speed, our plastic extruder machines meet the needs of clients claiming extensive and cost-effective production of PVC pipes of various diameters. The machine also consists of AC frequency converting control device facilitating sound control on temperature.

Our extruder machines use vacuum pumping system to force out the products which are difficult to decompose. Moreover, it has digital display microprocessor based machine control panel that provide sound control to the operator on the machine. They have two cutting pipes and length measuring apparatus that helps to cut plastic sheets in uniform sizes. Clients can opt for both saw blade cutting and planet cutting as per their choice. This results in high production efficiency and consistent performance. Various types of optional devices are also available like pipe end expanding device, core foaming tube, and others to match the needs of the clients.

Key Features of Our Plastic Extruder Machines:
  • High quality Barrels & Screws
  • Less power consumption with advanced output
  • Best alloy steel screw and barrel with abrasion resistance
  • Groove feed barrel is available
  • Energy efficient heaters help to save energy with consistency
  • User-friendly and innovative design
  • Digital display microprocessor based machine control panel

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