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Arm Rotational Moulding Machines

Arms Rotational Moulding Machine is available in numerous categories such as Independent Arm Machine, Multi Arm Turret Machine, 3 Arm Rotational Machine, etc., in the market. These machines are utilized for developing numerous products in the rotational moulding industry. These types of moulding machines have each arm attached to separate cart, which assists in various station arrangement for heating, cooling, loading, unloading, pre-cooled and servicing purposes. The cart comprises a joint load bearing track and a center pivot post.

The Arms Rotational Moulding Machine can be availed with many arms. The user can add more arms to the machine without modifying its technical configuration and any hindrance. Besides, there is an option to choose double ovens or double cooling stations, which can be added as per the technical drawings of the self sufficiency and regulating arm concept.

The working cycle of Arm Rotational Moulding Machine:
  • The oven of the machine is fitted with a powerful and an excellent performing blower, which forces the hot air out, throughout the oven.
  • After the oven, the intermediate waiting zone is utilized for pre-cooling purposes.
  • The cooling station is left open or closed depending on the purpose.
  • Then, the articles are loaded or unloaded.
  • The articles are then sent to pre-moulding station for second layer.
Features of the Machine:
  • Available in different sizes for hassle free working
  • Combined with cooling station
  • Deliver maximum simplicity
  • Efficient charging of cool air to avoid high temperature
  • Ideal for bulk production of articles
  • Reliable in use
  • Required minimum maintenance
  • Sturdily constructed
At the time of buying Arm Rotational Moulding Machine, you will be provided with Standard Accessories of the machine, such as:
  • Arms Conveyors
  • Central Column
  • Control Electric Panel
  • Cooling Chamber
  • Moulding Chamber, this is basically attached with combustion chamber

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