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Bi Axial Moving Type Rotational Moulding Machine

Bi axial Moving Type Rotational Machine

Truly world class Bi Axial Moving Type Machines packed with latest features are offered by a large number of companies in India. The Rotomoulding Biaxial Moving Type Machine is designed to meet your needs efficiently, and develop any rotomoulding product with optimum precision as well as perfection. Some of the excellent quality installations or components like Heating System, Sensors, Powerful Arms, Speed Controllers, etc. make it easier to develop various moulds as well as result in less maintenance cost of the machinery. Owing to their in-depth professional expertise and immense industry experience, various business players design and develop advance Bi axial Moving Type Machine to meet challenging market demands.

Rotational moulding is a high-temperature and low-pressure plastic-forming process using heat and biaxial rotation in order to develop hollow, one-piece parts. The only disadvantage of this process is its long cycle time, and there only one or two cycles can be complete in an hour unlike injection moulding process.

Further, the Bi Axial Moving Type Machine is ideal for bulk production and even for complicated sizes/ designs with same working cycle. Apart from its sturdy steel body & high efficiency, the machine is also appreciated for its wide swing diameter ranging from 60 - 240 inches. Rotomoulding Biaxial Moving Type Machine is available in different models (three arm, four arm) and specifications to meet the varied requirements of the customers. The four arm machinery comes with one heating, one pre-cooling, one cooling & one loading/ unloading area.

Features of Bi axial Moving Type Machine
  • Specially designed heating chamber for transferring heat to the moulds for fast & short cycle time
  • Good quality insulation material for better work environment
  • Essential interlocking and safety device with alarm installed with the Oven controls)
  • Variable speed A/C drive for major & minor speed
  • Inbuilt mould positioning and balancing facility
  • Enclosed cooling chamber with high speed industrial cooling fan
  • Machine available in varied dimensions from 60-237 inches (1.5 to 6 mtr.)


Bi axial Moving Type Rotational Moulding Machine

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