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Compounding Extruder Machine

compounding extruder machine

Compounding Extruder Machine in available various configurations/models in the market. The Compounding Extruder Machines are widely used in plastic processing industry. There are two types of Compounding Extruder Machines such as Single Die Extruder and Double Die Extruder. For a company, its vast industry experience and professional expertise add to the versatility as well as precision in the production processes. Due to the increased market competition, wide range of latest technology machines are being offered at the most competitive market price.

PVC compounding machinery is a variant of extrusion machine, and it is used to mix one or more polymers with additives in order to extrude plastic compounds with better quality. By employing latest technologies and new techniques the extruder machine can be manufactured in the most precise manner. Fabricated from high grade steel and other quality materials, the extruder machine provides maximum output. Further, it ensures optimum performance and high efficiency during compounding process. In order to develop world class extruding solutions it is crucial to have a well integrated R&D department, involved in bringing forth new developments to meet challenging requirements of the rotomoulding industry.

Most of the PVC compounding extruder machines produce pellets, when fed with pellets, liquid or powder. The obtained pellet finds usage in varied plastic-forming processes like extrusion & injection moulding. Further, the Compounding Extruder Machine is available in standard, vented as well as high L/D ratio version. Machines controls come with necessary interlocking and safety deliver with indicator & alarm. The Screw & Barrel are made from Alloy Steel (nitride and honning finished).

Features of Compounding Extruder Machine:
  • Automated heating system management by temperature controller
  • Protected heating unit as per the advanced technology
  • Palletizing cutter and extruder tend to be synchronizes
  • S.S. water container for effective palletizing cooling
  • Mounted on sturdy steel frame
  • Heavy duty thrust, housing, and bearing dipped in oil
  • Hopper as well as heating unit along with the S.S. Technology
  • Barrel heating by ceramic band heaters
  • Cooling system ensuring accurate temperature control
  • Simple storing of all components
  • Easy to operate, less maintenance and effectiveness of the products

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