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Moving Oven Type Rotational Moulding Machinery

moving oven type rotational moulding machinery

We are an eminent manufacturer of moving oven type rotomoulding machine that are simple and explorative, which is widely used in many areas starting from laboratories to complex factories with independent controllable arms, enabling to produce a large volume of articles.

The moving oven type rotomoulding machines are used for different types of metals, mostly small or medium sized articles. The most used articles are which have more number of cavities in cast aluminum. There is an advantage of good surface reproduction when the moulds in electro-formed nickel is being used. The machine is also great to mould of small articles in PVC, and create no difficulty of porosity in cast aluminum.

The machines are fabricated keeping mind of eco-friendly aspect so as to save energy and execute the heating operations. Custom-build models are also available as per the clients' need within a prescribed time frame.

Our moving oven type rotational moulding machines are world-class and these multi-armed machines allow multiple molds of different sizes and shapes to be operated at the same time. These machines are precised designed and ease out the molding by complex parts, double-walled containers and others. We ensure our molding must be in correct process control, maintaining uniformity, and proper thickness. Unlike structural blow molding or twin sheet thermoforming, our rotational molding process has no pinch-off.

Features of our Moving Oven Type Rotational Moulding Machines:
  • Mould indexing facility
  • PLC on specific request
  • Environment friendly burners
  • Highly suitable for CNG/OIL/LPG/Duel fuels
  • Microprocessor based & digital display installed machine control panel
  • Insulation panels designed using ultramodern techniques for better working
  • Minor and major speed controls, the machine use variable speed a/c motors
  • Energy efficient heating chambers with heat transfer technology
  • These works economically as installed with straight-arm that has four mould carrying carrier plates
  • Incorporated necessary safety devices like the indicators, interlocking facility and alarm

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