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Shuttle Rotational Moulding Machinery

We provide technically advanced shuttle rotomoulding machine / shuttle type rotomoulding machine which is used in the production of plastic articles of different sizes in large volume and that too in single working cycle. It has straight arm to hold up to 12 types of mould that allows the production of different sizes in one run. Heavy duty arm change station quickly and mold support from both ends add to the efficiency of the machine. Mold carrying carrier plates are durable and have high strength and durable structure. All the processes like double loading, unloading, and pre-cooling are conducted by the shuttle type rotomoulding machine in the advanced manner.

Oven chambers of our rotational shuttle machine consist of burner and blower for quick heating wherein cooling system fitted in the machine lowers the temperature of the machine for better efficiency. Requisite interlocking and safety device is fitted to prevent mishandling. A/C inverter drive motors allows control on high and low speed and provide mould indexing facility. The machine has axial flow fan for fast cooling. These advanced heat transfer technologies add to the performance of Shuttle Roto Moulding Machine to the clients.

The shuttle type rotomoulding machine is a micro-processor machine with efficient control panel and provision for second/third charging man hole on the top of the roof. Its digital display ensures quick reading. Sturdy construction and minimum maintenance are the prime features of our shuttle rotomoulding machine, owing to which these are widely demanded in the market. As a reliable manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of shuttle machine, we ensure that customers are served with high efficiency products at market leading rates.

Key Features of our Shuttle Type Rotational Moulding Machines:
  • Eco-friendly heating chambers
  • Advanced insulation panels
  • For expeditious operation, straight-arm with four mould carrying carrier plates is accessible
  • Latest safety devices with indicators, interlocking and alarm
  • Digital display microprocessor based machine control panel
  • PLC can be customized
  • Changeable speed a/c motors are available for both minor and major speed controls
  • Environmental friendly burners that is perfect for LPG/CNG/OIL/Duel fuels.
  • Mould classified facility

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