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Oven Type Rotational Moulding Machines

The Oven Type Rotational Moulding Machine holds significant importance in the making of Plastic Material and various other moulding procedures. It is fabricated using the finest quality raw material and global latest technology, which enhance its performance. The chamber size of the machine, range from 1.5m to 6m that provides high efficiency for operation and fuel usage. The Oven Type Rotational Moulding Machine uses CNG/ Diesel/ LPG/ Oil fuels for its nonstop running. These types of machines are mainly used for moulding big dimension and efficiently hollow out the content.

The rotational moulding is very easy to operate and it allows the moulders to operate very efficiently with its desired dimensions and properties. They incorporate the exact amount of plastic in granular/ powder/ liquid form and shape it into the shell.

Technical Details:
  • Enclosed with the cooling chamber installed with industrial cooling fan
  • Has balancing facility inbuilt in the machine
  • Has straight arm with four moulds that is of uniform thickness
  • Has straight arm with two spacious spiders, which is optional
  • Has variable speed AC drive
  • Provided with digital display, which is microprocessor based
  • Provided with environment friendly burners
  • Provided with indicators and interlocking system
  • Specially designed heating chamber
  • The material is installed well for better performance
Features of our Fix Oven Type Rotomoulding Machines:
  • Economically viable
  • Energy efficient
  • Excellent operation
  • Has both minor and major speed control systems
  • Has space saving chambers with advanced heat transfer technology
  • Installed with safety devices and essential alarms
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Mould indexing facility
Machine Application:

The Oven Type Rotational Moulding Machine is used to manufacture Septic Tank, Water Tank and various other products. The process time of each arm of the machine requires the equal time like cooling chambers and heating chambers. The machine has different sections for cooling, loading/ unloading, pre-heating and heating purposes.

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