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What Makes a Shuttle Rotational Machine Amazing?

What would you call a shuttle rotational moulding machine if it has excellent efficiency, high speed, long life, good finishing, eco friendly, and safe to handle? Yes an “Amazing Shuttle Rotational Moulding Machine”. There are certain features which you should look for while buying any shuttle rotational machine if you want an overall amazing performance. We also offer a wide array of shuttle machine of amazing quality to our clients. These amazing shuttle machines are designed, using quality testing equipments to ensure longer working life and high efficiency.

Following are Some of the Important Features which Our Shuttle Machines Possess:
  • Precisely designed with cost-effective heat transfer technology for the space saving chambers.
  • Uses of state-of-the-art technology for efficient working environment in designing the insulation panels.
  • Straight-arm with four moulded carrying carrier plates are well fitted with required interlocking, safety devices with alarm and indicators.
  • Available microprocessor based machine control panel which are equipped with digital display.
  • PLC are provided as per clients needs.
  • Quality tested variable speed a/c motors that are used for major and minor speed controls.
  • Mould indexing facility is accessible.
  • Environment friendly burners.
  • Wide array of Fixed Oven type Rotomoulding machines having oven chamber size from 1.5 meters to 6.0 meters to produce up to 20,000 ltrs. [5000 USG]
Always look for the above features while buying any shuttle rotational moulding mahcine to get amazing performance, efficiency and output.
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