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Where to Buy Long Lasting Rotational Moulding Machine From?

Looking to buy a long lasting rotational moulding machinery? If yes then you are at right place. We are pioneer in manufacturing each type of superior quality rotational machinery which are not only highly efficient but are also long lasting. A long lasting rotational machine is not only reliable but are also necessary for the economical production cost as they last for long, thus saving money which otherwise would be spent on purchasing new rotational machinery again and again. Thus it is always advisable to buy a superior quality long lasting rotational machinery. Although these top quality long lasting machines will cost you a little more but this extra amount is worth for the top quality of these machines, which will save you lots of money in future.

Working with a motive to innovate and offer a remarkable ambit of products, our firm as a putative manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the industry has come up with advanced & high performing long lasting rotational moulding machine for its clients. Using latest technology, excellent quality raw material, superior quality electrical and electronic equipments, these machines are designed to make small and large size hollow tanks. Our long lasting rotation moulding machines comes with the following features:
  • Highly economical
  • Involves less investment
  • Required thickness for the product can be set as per needs
  • Machine control panel is microprocessor based and installed with digital display
  • Up to 6.5 meter of special article such as drainage pipes, boats etc. can be comfortably produced in Rock N Roll
  • The machine is robust enough to produce hollow products ranging up to 40000 liters/10000 USG capacity
  • To have better control of the product, the machine is provided with high grade speed variable drive for Rocking & Rolling
  • Covered oven type Rock N Roll with cooling station
  • Gas/Oil fired Open flame with cooling station
  • Open flame with cooling station
Feel free to contact us to buy or for any query regarding our top quality long lasting rotational moulding machinery and other equipments.

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