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What Makes a Rock n Roll Machine Nonpareil?

Why we proudly say that “our rock n roll machines are nonpareil and far ahead from our competitors when it comes to latest technology, performance, efficiency, work speed, product's finishing and output”? It is just because of the state of the art technology, highest quality raw material, highly skilled work force which we employ to make such rock n roll machines which makes them nonpareil.

We cater a wide gamut of rotational moulding machines and equipments, and majority consists of rock n roll rotational moulding machines. Our rock n roll machines are used worldwide to produce the hollow tanks from smaller to very large size. It is a kind of machine where the mould is rolled in a horizontal axis with a mechanism offering a 450 rock left and right. Our rock and roll machines are made from heavy mild steel and tripodal supporting structure with all needed attachments, heavy-duty gear boxes are provided for suitable drives.

Features of our Rock n Roll Machines What Make Them Nonpareil:
  • Variable thickness products are available.
  • Superior quality drainage pipes, boats up to 6.5 mtr can be made promptly in rock & roll easily.
  • Low investment and cheap.
  • Ultra-modern strongly built machine are widely used in manufacturing big size hollow products (40000 ltrs/10000).
  • Speed variable drive that are ideal for perfect control of the product for rocking & rolling.
  • Microprocessor based with machine control panel with superior digital display.
  • PLC can be customize on special request.
  • State of the art technology.
  • Top grade quality raw material.
  • Brilliant work force who design these machines.
A reliable and high performance rock n roll machine is very important for your business, so it is always advised to look for the above features while buying any machine. Or feel free to contact us to buy or for more information on our nonpareil rock n roll machines.
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