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What Makes a Rotational Moulding Machinery Top Notch?

The skilled and professional team of our company offers a wide array of rotational moulding machinery which are top notch when it comes to efficiency, speed, finishing, and quality of products. Our rotational moulding machines come up with heating chamber which are made of latest heat transfer technology, state of the art microprocessors, eco friendly burners which are suitable for LPG/CNG/OIL/Duel fuels, etc. which have been serving a number of esteemed clients worldwide.

Following Features Make our Rotational Moulding Machines Top Notch:
  • Designed by using efficient heat transfer technology for the environment friendly heating chambers which saves energy.
  • We use advanced technologies in designing the insulation panels for good working environment.
  • High quality straight-arm with four mould carrying carrier plates which helps to make the whole working process economical.
  • All machine controls are equipped with needed interlocking, high quality safety devices with all alarms and indicators.
  • Innovative digital display microprocessor based machine control panels.
  • On specific request PLC can be provided.
  • A-one quality variable speed a/c motors are available for major and minor speed controls. Mould indexing facility is available.
We employ state of the art technology and use top grade raw material to manufacture each and every part of the rotational moulding machinery so that they can last for long, deliver highest possible output, fast speed, easily operable, follow every safety measures, etc. and that is why we proudly say that our rotational moulding machinery are of top notch quality.

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