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Features of World Class Rotational Moulding Machines

A rotational moulding machinery is used to produce different types of plastic molded products which are used all over the world. We have been manufacturing such machines since decades and while making such machines we ensure that our each and every rotational machine follow world class technical requirements, quality and safety guidelines, and other aspects which are considered to be world class. Such world class machines can be used anywhere globally, and are considered to be the highest quality and state of the art machines, thus products produced through them are readily accepted across the globe because of the global standards which these machines follow.

To Become a World Class Standard Machine, a Rotational Machine Must Fulfill the Following Criteria:
  • The products thickness must be customizable as per market's needs.
  • Machine must be able to manufacture huge hollow size products of the capacity up to 40000 ltrs/10000 USG or even more.
  • Machine should have better speed control device for rocking & rolling speed.
  • An excellent quality microprocessor based machine control panel must be installed in the machine.
  • PLC should be customizable as per the needs and requirements.
We manufacture world class standard rotational moulding machines which are available in various types of models, which are used for multiple applications. Our machines are capable for manufacturing high quality plastic fuel tanks, septic tanks, spherical tanks, dust bins, garden benchs, toilet booths, junction boxs, road dividers, rockers, plastic pallets, plastic ladders, telephone booths, & high capacity tanks in small, large and very large sizes.

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