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Teflon Coated Rotational Moulds

Teflon Coated Rotational Moulds

PTFE Coated Rotational Molds are a ground breaking approach which helps in the easy demoulding of the molded item. Teflon by DuPont Co. (discoverer of PTFE) is the best known brand name of PTFE. The inner surface of the PTFE Coated Rotational Molds is smooth and allows the item to be molded with more accuracy in design and dimensional requirements. Also, any cracks due to the irregularities in the surface of mould is right away eliminated by the PTFE coating. The negligible chemical reactivity of the coating protects the mould from corrosion occurring due to continuous use with different material types.

Mainly gray in color, the coating may be of black, green, red or various other color as per the specifications conveyed to the manufacturer. Rotational moulding, with PTFE coating, has various advantages including small quantity requirement, flexibility, less tooling investment, free parting lines and hardness. Furthermost, the life of PTFE Coated Rotational Molds is very long and the cost involved is very low. Realizing the advantages of PTFE coating, manufacturer of molded items are widely using it in the moulding process and gaining a lot in terms of minimal wastage, reliable output and low cost. Moreover, the finishing of PTFE Coated Rotational Molds is incomparable to moulds having coating of any other substance.

Mold cavity having PTFE coating allows uniform spreading of the input material and gives way to the transformation of input material into quality molded items. Further, the level of moulding excellence offered by PTFE Coated Rotational Molds is unparalleled.

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