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Vibro Screen Machine

Vibro screen machines are one of the popular types of screening machines. Screening machines are used to seperate particles of any material according to the particle sizes. We are engaged in offering durable vibro screen or vibro screening machine which has automatic cleaning function. The frame of the machine is available in carbon and stainless steel base that provide it the requisite ruggedness. Its automatic cleaning function prevents the screen cloth from blocking. Vibro screen machines are ideal for screening particles ranging from 40-635 mesh, which is less than 100um powder. Screening accuracy of the machine is up to 1-70% with high processing capacity that augments its performance up to 10 times. Being a reliable manufacturer, exporter, and supplier in India, we ensure that our vibro screens render outstanding performance without requiring much maintenance. Vibro screen machine is also called as vibro screen and vibro screening machine.

Application of vibro screen machine is vast as it is used in industries like plastic, chemical, metallurgy, construction material, electronics, ceramics, and others. Furthermore, it can process a comprehensive range of material such as coating powder, alloy powder, aluminum powder, quartz powder, tungsten powder, nickel powder, magnetic powder, plastic powder and others. Shield of the machine is durable and upper sieve frame and bottom sieve frame is robust. Damping spring used in our vibro screening machines is highly flexible and elastic which withstand the vibration caused during working. Engine base has rugged construction and enjoy high strength.

Vibro screen machines are widely used for plastic/polymer granule grinding and effective elimination of oversized particles & dust particles. Screen cloth used in vibratory machine has long life that effectively solves the issues related to sieving such as high static electricity, light specific gravity, easy reunion, and high density.

Key Features of our Vibro Screen Machines:
  • High Screening Accuracy
  • Automatic Cleaning to Prevent Blockage of the Cloth
  • Long Life Span
  • Robust Frame
  • Durable Screen Cloth
  • Extensive Processing Capacity
Feel free to contact us to buy or for more information on different types of vibro screens, vibro screen machines, vibro screening machines.

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